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  • Greek Restyled Ancient Sandals by G.R.A.S.

    G.R.A.S. is a commercial and small-scale Shoes Manufacturer. The products of G.R.A.S. meet the highest industry standards, and are built using the latest technologies and advancements. G.R.A.S. provides dealers and companies around the world with their dependable handmade merchandise. No matter your needs, G.R.A.S. has the right solutions.

  • Antica Murrina - Fine jewellery from Venice

    Antica Murrina draws from the centenary tradition of art glass blowing. Passion, innovation and design are the main values of the brand. Elegance and femininity are the traits that Antica Murrina seeks for when creating its collections.

    All Antika Murrina products are only available in our Store located in Naxos 

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  • Bioaroma - 100% natural cosmetics from Crete

    Herbal cosmetics derived from the Minoan palaces at the BioAroma laboratories. Bioaroma has developed 100% natural herbal cosmetics based on research and archaeological finds that have been past down from generation to generation. The aim of Bioaroma is to take the bounty from the earth we cultivate, together with the traditions to our past and offer a handmade product with the distinct identity. 

  • Biolyn - Certified organic cosmetics

    BIOLYN is a Greek company founded in 2009 and operates in the production of organic body care products. It offers a wide range of products for the care of body and skin which cater for every need. Inspiration behind every single product is aloe and Greek olive oil, combined with organic herbs known for their healing properties along with some of the best natural raw materials that thrive in the Mediterranean climate.


  • Bioselect - Naturals

    From the Mediterranean to the gates of the East, Bioselect Naturals travels the ancient routes to discover herbs, fruits & exotic spices that awaken the senses and the soul. A magical journey through unique fragrances and vigorous sensations. 

  • Certified organic cosmetics by Bioselect

    Do you want to improve the appearance of your skin, relax and let your natural beauty shine without disrupting your life? Then BIOSELECT is here and cares for you.
    With the certified organic products of high quality and absolute purity, Bioselect offers, you can take care of yourself in the safest way. Enjoy the wellness and feel the vitality and rejuvenation that organic products of Bioselect offer.

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  • Cosmetics based on Mastiha by Mastic SPA

    Mastic Spa has applied its expertise in pharmacology and cosmetology to create a unique line of mastic-based beauty products and cosmetics for women, men, and children. Mastic is the legendary and mysterious elixir that seeps from the mastic tree, found in the southern region of the Greek Aegean island Chios, and nowhere else in the world.

  • ROI - Greek Fashion Jewellery

    This is like paradise for every woman. Roi creates a great variety of handmade, trendy fashion jewellery. It is good choice for those who want to give a gift to themselves.

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