• KROKOS KOZANIS GREEK RED SAFFRON Saffron, the GOLD OF GREEK EARTH as it is called, was among the most popular and valuable spices of ancient civilizations, for its flavor, color, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac properties. Cleopatra used it in her cosmetics, ancient Phoenicians in their offers to Goddess Astarte, Homer mentioned it in his writings.

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  • Ingredients: 100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi, smoked in beechwood for 140 hours. Color: Brown Characteristics: All natural, NO artificial smoke flavorings added, no color added, natural cold smoking Use: Ideal for meat, legumes, potatoes, soups and vegetarian meals.

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  • FLEUR DE SEL (150gr)Characteristics: All natural, unrefined, without iodine, the purest, the tastiest of all sea salts. Use:  As finishing salt on salads, potatoes, eggs, among others. Description:  All natural, unrefined, the purest and tastier of all sea salts. Ancient Greeks called it “ANTHOS ALATOS” hence the name Fleur De Sel. 

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  • SEA SALT WITH OREGANO AND SESAME CERTIFIED ORGANIC (JAR) Award winning, strikingly delicate, is an ideal addition to every recipe. Your palate will feel the difference! A superior clean, fresh and certified organic sea salt combining the aromatic flavors of the Mediterranean herbs with the fantastic taste of the grilled sesame seeds.

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  • SEA SALT WITH SMOKED PAPRIKA (JAR) Pure sea salt from Messolonghi 95%, Greek smoked paprika 5%. A luxurious, traditionally produced, smoked and dried paprika is mixed with our beloved Messolonghi sea salt using a special method, to create one of the most delicious salts available.

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